Clothes Care

Whether you wish to protect, clean or press clothing or gather your laundry, these useful care essentials will keep your clothing in tip-top condition.

All are helpful within the home, whereas the smaller Lint Rollers and Clothes Cover are also practical on the move.

Clothes Care

Clothes Care

Keep your clothing in it's best condition using a selection of clothes care products; Cedar Accessories are great for keeping moths and insects away from clothing. Lint Rollers ensure your clothes are kept free of hair, dust and fluff. Clothes Covers keep your clothing fresh and dust free. Laundry Baskets make transporting dirty laundry from your bedroom to the washing machine quick and fuss free.


Cedar Accessories: 

• Natural protection - Non-toxic protection for your clothes.
• Repels moths and insects - Ensure your clothes are kept in top condition without the worry of insects of moths damaging them.
• Long-lasting - Cedar accessories can be sanded down to keep them fresh and long-lasting.

Lint Rollers: 

• Small & lightweight - Store in your bag, keep your clothes looking fresh while on the move.
• Refillable - Once you've ran out of the tear-able paper simply pop on another roll.
• Versatile - Great for use on clothing, upholstery and linen.

Clothes Covers:

• Clean - Keep your clothing clean and dust free, perfect for occasion wear.
• Lightweight - Ideal for when you're travelling and transporting clothes.
• Heavy-duty - Clothes will be kept protected, also suitable for supporting winter coats.

Laundry Baskets: 

• Easy-to-assemble - Our chrome wire style laundry hampers are quick and easy to assemble.
• High load capacity - Store a large quantity of laundry, ideal for all your clothes, bedding and even curtains.
• Hard-wearing - The solid steel construction will ensure that your grid mesh will last longer.

Great for...

Use these clothes care items to keep your clothing in it's best condition, ideal in your bedroom, utility room and even when you're on the move!