Storage Containers

Retain the minimal look to your garage by using a range of ingenious space-saving storage ideas. From Vacuum Storage Bags to Organisers, these handy space makers will give back much needed room in your garage, while neatly tucking away the end of season clothing and non-essentials in a safe and secure way.

We also have a large range storage boxes which will keep your items dust and dirt free.

Storage Containers

Storage Containers

Keep your space neat, tidy and organised with our range of organisers & storage bags, from Storage Bags; store out of season clothing and bedding to Organisers; ideal for your crafty items and shoe storage.


Storage Bags: 

• Protection from damages - Making sure the contents are kept safe and secure from any damage. 
• Heavy-duty - Hard-wearing and long-lasting.
• Lightweight - Allowing you to move the storage bag with ease.


• Handy - Keep items neat, tidy and organised, making sure you know where your stored items are.
• Clear acrylics - Easily view your stored items without having to remove anything.
• Multipurpose - Store a variety of different items in different tubs and bags.

Great for...

Use a variety of organisers and storage bags to keep your space neat and tidy. Perfect for use in the bedroom, utility room and boot room.