Wall Shelving

Our Adjustable Wall Shelving for your living room provides a fully flexible system that allows you create different height and width shelving arrangements to suit the design of your room.

If you need to expand your current storage requirements, components can be easily added and incorporated into your existing sections. 

Available in a popular choice of finishes and sizes.

Wall Shelving

Wall Shelving

Simply attach your shelving to the wall to gain a space saving storage unit. Adjustable Wall Shelving are fully adjustable making sure the shelves sit at the perfect height to suit your stored or displayed items.


Adjustable Wall Shelving: 

• Easy to adjust - Adjust the shelves to any height to fit any item you like.
• Modern - With a variety of colour options be sure your shelves will fit in with your decor.
• Durable and hard wearing - These shelves are built to last with steel uprights.

Great for...

Use any of these shelving styles around your home, perfect for use in the living room or bedroom to store photos and ornament or in the kitchen to store cooking utensils.