Maximise your garage space to the fullest with freestanding shelving, wall shelving and storage boxes.

Free up some space in your home and take the opportunity to utilise your garage space, keep your precious items in a good condition, off the floor and organised with the help of these storage units and boxes. You'll be decluttered in no time! 


Keep your garage clutter free while maximising your available floor space with our range of shelving and storage. 

Our practical yet stylish shelving options are ideal for storing tools and DIY equipment, especially our industrial range for heavier loads. The adjustable shelves on the chrome wire shelving mean you can fit exactly what you need on each shelf by simply adjusting the height. The carbon grey options will fit right in with your decor whilst staying in keeping with the industrial look. 

Storage boxes are suitable for all kinds of things and will keep your garage looking spick and span. With a much more functional space you will be able to find exactly what you're looking for in minimal time as it will be neatly organised away. Clear storage boxes are extra helpful as you can see what's inside the box without having to remove the lid, perfect for all your gardening equipment and decorating paraphernalia.


Store your boxes on adjustable wall shelving with steel shelves for extra support, also with adjustable shelf height. The steel material provides a robust, long-lasting shelving option and will support heavier items such as paint pots and oil cans.