Freestanding Shelving

For modern and eye-catching Freestanding Shelving for your Kitchen, you could choose versatile Chrome Wire Shelving, a superb sleek and stylish shelving solution in any room. Or Grid Mesh is an adaptable answer for simple hanging, hooking and storing. 

All are available in a practical choice of sizes and styles with handy complementary accessories.

Freestanding Shelving

Freestanding Shelving

With plenty of options you'll be sure we have the perfect freestanding shelving for you, from Chrome Wire Shelving; with a sleek, modern chrome finish and adjustable shelves in a variety of sizes or our Grid Mesh Shelving; durable and long-lasting with a variety or different uses.


Chrome Wire Shelving: 

• Easy to assemble - With no tools required, the unit can be built up in a matter or moments by one person. 
• High load capacity - Store heavy items across the shelves evenly without fear of the unit collapsing.
• Adjustable - The shelves are adjustable meaning you can move them to suit the height of your stored items whenever you need.

Grid Mesh Shelving: 

• Stylish - Choose from a chrome, white or black finish, be sure that your grid will fit in with any decor.
• Adaptable - Hang items from the grid or use hooks or pegs to attach things on.
• Hard-wearing - The solid steel construction will ensure that your grid mesh will last longer.

Great for...

Use any of these shelving styles around your home, perfect for use in the garage to store DIY tools and paint. Use in the kitchen to store pots and pans, even in the shed to store gardening equipment.