Your Guide To Our Wall Shelving

Your Guide To Our Wall Shelving

By Maz Pickering

22nd Apr 2024

Guide to wall shelving image, featuring Flexx Shelving and Adjustable Wall Shelving.

At Urbaboxx, one thing we have a passion for is shelving. From freestanding to glass to garage shelving, we love it all! And we can confidently say that we know a thing or two about shelving and storage.

Our Wall Shelving range is a stylish and functional addition to any home. We’re going to focus on two of our ranges – the smart and modular Flexx range, and our everyday Adjustable Wall Shelving. You might be wondering what sets these two ranges apart, so let us break it down for you.

Colours & Style

If you’re looking for a shelving range that offers variety, then our Adjustable Wall Shelving range is perfect for you. It comes in various colours such as White, Black and Oak and a selection of materials like Wood, Glass, and Steel shelves, meaning you can find a shelving kit to suit any style of space.

Our Flexx Shelving range comes in a fresh white finish, with all co-ordinating parts designed to match each other. If you need to extend your shelves in the future, you can rest assured that you can easily do so and know that they will match perfectly.

Flexx shelving wardrobe layout and adjustable glass shelving in bedroom

Flexx Shelving (left) with a clothes hanging rail is perfect for creating a walk-in wardrobe, while Adjustable Wall Shelving adds the stylish touches, with shelves available in glass (as pictured right) or in a range of wooden colour finishes.

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Now if there’s anything more important than the colour when choosing your next shelving system, then it’s the style and type of shelf. After all, with so many options available, it makes sense to choose shelves that will match your space and style requirements.

Adjustable Wall Shelving offers Wooden, Glass or Steel Shelves. The wooden and glass shelves are perfect for adding elegance to any room, while steel shelves are more practical and durable, making them ideal for the garage or utility room.

For shelving that offers both practicality and style, Flexx is the perfect option. You can choose between Wooden or Wire Shelves, available in white, with a variety of components that can be paired alongside the shelves to create a complete storage solution.

Flexx shelving in utility or garage space and oak adjustable wall shelving in the living room

Create an organised garage or utility room with Flexx Shelving (left) with baskets and wire shelves. Great for keeping all your DIY and gardening projects organised. Adjustable Wall Shelving (right) in Oak and Chrome can create a striking focal point for your living space. Why not store and show off your book collection?

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Extras & Accessories

If you’re just looking for some simple yet stylish shelves, then Adjustable Wall Shelving is a great option. Simple shelves, a choice of colours and styles, as well as hassle-free assembly, make this range a top pick.

What makes Flexx unique is the selection of accessories that can turn just shelving into a versatile and bespoke storage system. Maybe you’ve been considering adding a walk-in wardrobe to your home, or perhaps you don’t have a dedicated pantry space but would love to add something to your kitchen or utility room, or even a laundry organiser to place around your washing machine; Flexx can do this all and more!

Flexx shelving in the pantry or kitchen and white adjustable shelving in the kitchen

We love a good pantry space and Flexx Shelving (left) is great for this, with baskets for your loose groceries and easy to clean shelves helping to keep everything neat. Or open shelving is always a lovely style choice in a kitchen and so simple to set up with Adjustable Wall Shelving (right).

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Both Adjustable Wall Shelving and Flexx Shelving have awesome features, with some similarities between them. But what other notable differences are there between the two ranges?

Although some parts between the range have a resemblance, it’s important to note that they can’t be interchanged. This means that brackets, uprights, extras, etc. can only be used within their particular shelving system. Although you can mix and match styles and colours within each range (where available), it is not possible to mix and match between Flexx Shelving and Adjustable Wall Shelving.

This is due to their assembly. We won’t overload you with all the assembly details but we’ll talk about both ranges to give you an idea.

Closeup of Flexx shelving and rail and adjustable wall shelving components

Both Flexx Shelving (left) and Adjustable Wall Shelving (right) use brackets for mounting the shelves.

With Adjustable Shelving, you fit the uprights onto the wall, add brackets onto the uprights and then add shelves onto the brackets, simple!

Flexx Shelving uses a clever rail system. The rail is fitted onto the wall first, with the uprights slotting onto this. These can be slid along to where you need them and after securing, you can add your brackets and any other additional components, whether that be a clothes rail, shelves, baskets or racks.

Flexx shelving trouser rack and baskets

Flexx Shelving has a beautiful simple look, but offers a complex storage system with unique accessories and components. Flexx can be used from everything from creating a bespoke wardrobe for your bedroom, to a handy laundry unit for your hanging washing and storing supplies, to office shelving for the ultimate home office space.

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Now that you’ve learned about our Adjustable Wall Shelving and Flexx Shelving ranges, which one do think would be most suitable for you? Or perhaps you have enough space for both types of shelves in your home (and in your heart)?

We’d love to hear how you’d plan to use Adjustable Wall Shelving and/or Flexx Shelving in your home and live your best #OrganisedLife.

View our Flexx Shelving and Adjustable Wall Shelving ranges.

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