Refresh & Reset You and Your Home in 2024

Refresh & Reset You and Your Home in 2024

By Maz Pickering

18th Jan 2024

A bedroom with shelving and clothes rail.

As we enter a new year, it’s natural to reflect on our plans and goals, with many of us setting resolutions hoping to achieve a “New Year, New Me” transformation. You may have already chosen your resolution/s already, with over 60% of Brits committing to a goal in 2024 (1).

Whilst you are considering your personal goals, why not also refresh and organise your home? There’s no need to wait until the obligatory spring clean! We’ve got you covered with clever tips for helping you create and maintain an organised home throughout the year, as well as some steps to help you destress and stay focused on those resolutions, all designed to ensure you start the year on a positive note.

Make Time For Wellness

A bath with candles, tea and a book.

Relax and put your feet up in a bath or create a craft area, easily done with the Hobbi Work Table/Island.

With a focus on ourselves this year (with the Top 4 New Year 2024 resolutions relating to physical and mental wellbeing in the UK (1)), why not make these goals easier to achieve and design a zen space at home?

We’ve previously discussed how you can create a spathroom to bring the spa experience and calm to your home, but you could also look at other rooms.

If you have some extra space, consider setting up a home gym for yoga, meditation, or cardio and weights. Alternatively, simple things like removing the TV from your bedroom help to turn the space into a more peaceful and relaxing environment. Or arrange a designated area for your hobbies and crafts, to make it easier to indulge your creativity on a regular basis.

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Create A Command Centre

Having a home command centre can be incredibly helpful for organising the family chaos – plus it can be whatever you want or need it to be! Hold and sort letters, meal plan, keep track of appointments, or set up as a drop-off area for your keys near the front door (or all the above).

You can place your command centre anywhere in your home, but it usually works best in frequently used areas like the kitchen, living room, or hallway or even the home office. This way, you can easily add details of important dates or appointments, without having to worry about remembering (or forgetting) things.

Work desk with laptop and grid panel note board.

Set up a stylish and practical command centre using a Grid Mesh Panel or a Peg Board.

Digital Declutter & …

Work desk with laptop and mug.

Take a bit of time each week/month to tidy up your digital spaces – easy when your workstation looks as good as the Hygge Black & Oak Desk.

As we spend more time using digital devices, it only makes sense that clutter now extends from our physical spaces into our digital ones. Set aside some time to organise your digital life by getting rid of any unused apps, cleaning out your emails, files, and going through old photos on your phone.

One simple tip to help organise photos is to set your phone to show ‘on this day.’ You can review these a little bit each time these photos pop up, clear any ones you don’t want and rediscover memories.

Digital Detox

Whist working on a digital declutter, you should also have regular ‘digital detoxes’. Sounds counterintuitive to our previous point but let us explain!

Electronics generate mental stimulation, making it harder for you to switch off (pun intended). And the blue light they give off may decrease melatonin production, all of which means you’re less likely to have a goods night rest. And we need to do everything we can to improve sleep, especially as the average Brit only had 5.91 hours of sleep a night in 2023 (2).

And I don’t think we need to tell you about how lack of sleep can increase stress, making us more likely to have cravings and eat more – which really doesn’t help with the healthy resolutions!

Any set aside device-free time is perfect for focusing on any hobbies, reading a book or doing some exercise. Or getting in some quality time with family board games.

Bedroom with soft lighting and glass shelving.

Your bedroom should be the place of relaxation, add soft lighting for ambience and classic Glass Shelves for those finishing touches.

Sentimental Recluttering

Bookcase with decorative books and plants.

Display your rediscovered treasured items on Wall Shelving or our Hygge Bookcase range, as seen above.

Sustainable living isn’t just a passing trend; it’s becoming increasingly important and common in our day-to-day lives. Hence why ‘recluttering,’ like upcycling, is gaining popularity.

We very much support a good declutter when they are much needed but it doesn’t always mean that you need to get rid of everything! You can find clever ways to showcase your sentimental items by integrating them into your home décor instead of storing them away.

Create a shadow box for treasured items, a frame with a collage of cards you’ve received, or incorporate trinkets into a shelf display. You’ll find that you may have more space for more storage-worthy items and it’ll give your home a unique charm by using your personal pieces. And you’ll find it’ll make you much happier seeing these items out on display instead of being boxed up.

And When Needed, Decluttering

We know it’s not realistic to keep everything if you’re organising your home (especially if you’re more of a fan of the minimalistic aesthetic). If you find that some belongings don’t suit being recluttered or upcycled, why not find a new home for them. This could be perfect for family or friends or by giving away to charity.

And the new year is the perfect time to declutter the home anyway. There is a reason why many people go through a spring clean. Not just for the home though, decluttering and creating an organised home has been shown to have big benefits for your wellbeing (3) – which will make it easier to keep motivated about those resolutions!

Wardrobe space with hanging rails and organised clothes.

Refresh your wardrobe and clear out of all those old and unused items of clothing. Then order using Wall Hanging Rails.

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Design a Cleaning Schedule for you

Utility room with wire shelving, wall shelving and cleaning supplies.

Once you’ve planned your schedule, arrange all your cleaning supplies in one easy to find place. Adding Wall Shelving and Chrome Wire Shelving can help keep this organised, and Storage Boxes keeps different cleaning supplies in order.

A simple step to maintaining an organised home is to create a cleaning schedule. This can sound like a formidable task in itself but it can help you to alleviate the constant pressure of keeping your home neat and tidy.

Start by creating a realistic schedule that works for your time and home, whether this is a weekly or monthly routine.

Review and choose rooms, making notes of which ones require regular cleanly and which may only need to be cleaned seasonally and then go into specific details.

This cleaning schedule isn’t meant to be set in stone either. Once you’ve decided upon your cleaning schedule, go through a test run to see if it actually works for you. If not, that’s fine – it’s just not the right routine for you. Continue making adjustments until you find a schedule that clicks for you and your home.

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Declutter and organise your home and prioritise ‘me-time to minimise distractions and clear your physical and mental spaces, allowing you to focus on your New Year’s resolutions with motivation and make sure you start the year off positively.


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